Level IT two – Still Cream of the Crop!

Level IT two, two part latex levelling compound, remains Ultra Floor’s best selling leveller as customers continue to make it their material of choice.

Ultra Floor Level IT two is suitable for a variety of projects from retail stores, hospitals, school classrooms and football stadiums. As a traditional two-part powder and liquid system, Level IT two is ideal for levelling uneven internal substrates prior to the application of a floor covering. The two-part system allows for fast and efficient mixing preparation as there is no requirement to add water.

It combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component. This liquid component provides increased flexural capacity, ensuring Level IT two has exceptional compatibility with timber substrates.

To date it has been used in a number of installations for well known businesses including the Arcadia Group, Laura Ashley, Tommy Hilfiger, Radisson, Gatwick Airport as well as Anfield Stadium, Travelodge, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Apple stores and BMW to name but a few.

The product’s formulation is free from ammonia, creating a very low odour material suitable for confined areas as well as open, proving particularly suitable for ‘inhabited’ public sector buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and schools. Furthermore, the product is designed to compensate for shrinkage, is polymer modified and free of protein.

Level IT two is ready to receive foot traffic after just 2.5 hours and decorative flooring after 24 hours (at 6mm) and can be laid up to 10mm, covering an optimum 5.2m² at 3mm thickness. Ultra Floor Level IT two can be used on all common substrates, such as concrete/sand screeds, floor grading asphalt, internal steel decks and flexible substrates like wooden floors.

Its compatibility with a range of substrates has established it as such a multipurpose product. Its popularity is a testament to its quality, performance and durability, providing contractors with a product that they can rely on.

For further information on Ultra Floor, please visitwww.ultra-floor.co.uk or call 01827 871871.

Ultra Floor is part of the Instarmac Group plc.

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