Legrand, a world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, has added a new, enhanced performance four channel time switch to its AlphaRex range.

Designed to be easier to programme and more accurate than ever before, the new switch features an annual, weekly and daily function with optional data key, built-in sunrise/sunset tracking Astro function and an optional automatic summer/winter time-change function. In addition, the new switch is programmable to the second, has an exceptional accuracy of plus or minus 0.2 seconds per day and a working reserve of 5-years.

This focus on ease of programming can be seen in all of the product’s key functions. Push-button programming is simple and background lighting on both the LCD digital display screen and function buttons makes programming much easier in dark locations such as cupboards. In addition, the entire unit is supplied with AlphaRex software which, together with optional USB adaptor and data key, enables users to set-up, save, edit and manage required settings.

AlphaRex has the flexibility to store several different programmes and the data key can be used to keep back-up copies or transfer programmes from one time switch to another.

In total, the enhanced 120/230V 50/60 Hz time switch provides up to 336 programmes across four channels with voltage-free 16 Amp switch contacts, which means it can be exactly tailored for an end-user’s specific needs. Such programmes include a separate holiday programming option, a pulse option with 84 start times and a pulse duration of up to 59 minutes, and an integrated hour counter that allows the user to control length of usage.

“Too often time switches are overly complex and require the user to read and fully understand an in-depth manual before being able to programme them,” said Legrand product manager, Ken Rodgers. “In contrast, AlphaRex is simple and easy to use, with each on-screen menu so clear that there is rarely need to even refer to a manual.”

For additional information on Legrand Electric’s full AlphaRex time switch range visit www.legrand.co.uk or call 0845 605 4333.

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