Legrand has launched an ultra-low cable management floor system that provides total flexibility for commercial environments and is fully recyclable.

The Soluflex system comprises raised steel floor tiles and recycled polypropylene supports that integrate with connection points for power and data, and is installed simply by placing supports on the floor and then clicking the durable steel tiles into place – a process that requires neither glue nor screws.

Once laid, cabling and connections can be installed between the Soluflex supports by simply removing the relevant tiles. And when finished, the completed installation can be covered with any type of floor covering. Finally, if the office layout changes, the system can be reconfigured and re-used or simply recycled.

Nigel Leaver, Legrand marketing manager for the range, commented: “In today’s modern office, flexibility is key, while improving sustainability and lessening environmental impact are high priorities for all. Therefore, we felt it was imperative to develop and deliver a solution that ticked all the boxes and Soluflex does exactly that.

“It allows for the creation of well organised, multifunctional rooms, where users will always have enough connection points. While at the design stage, the system has such flexibility and adaptability that it’s no longer necessary to keep track of the connection points for power and data. Instead, the cabling can be installed anywhere under the entire floor and the location of contact points determined as and when required.

“Meanwhile, from a sustainability and environmental impact perspective the Soluflex system also rates highly. The tiles are manufactured in steel, the most sustainable material used in construction today, while the ability to install it without any additional fittings was developed to further enhance its green credentials.”

Soluflex also offers considerable time and cost saving due to the fact floors and cables can be installed virtually simultaneously. Additionally, the supports and tiles are wear-resistant, offering long-term savings, while adding or restructuring connection points can be done in a matter of minutes, often without cutting or breaking cables.

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