Legrand has published a guide that showcases the full scope of its toughest products – its P17 Tempra and Hypra ranges of industrial plugs, sockets and combined units.

All of the company’s on-site power solutions, which have been designed to withstand the toughest of treatment and the harshest of conditions, are featured in the 44-page product guide. In addition, the guide features Legrand’s Clang range of plugs and sockets, which provide hard wearing power links between cabs and trailers on trucks.

Legrand marketing director, Louis-Benoit Rusterholtz said: “While the P17 Tempra and Hypra ranges cater for different ends of the market and Clang is targeted at a completely different market, all three have key benefits in common – they provide tough, flexible power solutions that help Legrand stand out from the competition.”

The P17 Tempra range is designed for building sites and other temporary locations where power requirements can change from day-to-day. Its selection of plugs and sockets are available in IP44, 66 and 67 IK08 rated formats and cover everything from two part plug and mobile sockets to surface mounted sockets and appliance inlets, all of which are designed to save time and money on assembly / installation.

The modular combined units that make up the other half of the range feature a double mechanical interlocked integral switch and a unique plug-in design, where the base is wired independently of the cover to make the installation quick and easy. And, since the modular unit can be fitted with a variety of Legrand’s Lexic MCBs, RCDs, contactors, indicators and timers, its scope and flexibility is truly impressive.

In contrast, the Hypra range is aimed at more permanent installations and is used extensively in nuclear, chemical and process industries, amongst others, where durability and robustness are virtually demanded. The range provides a dual protection rating of IP66/67-55 and is manufactured as standard in Polyamide 6. The plastic and rubber units are IK09 rated, while the class leading metal units are IK10 rated – the highest rating for impact withstand in the standard.

Key amongst the Hypra plugs and sockets is the Prisinter, which is offered with 16, 32 and 63A ratings. The product features a unique on-load (AC3 rated) switch disconnector, which means there is no need for a separate adjacent isolator. As a result, space, money, and labour are saved, installation time is halved, and the end result is a neat, uncluttered installation.

Finally, Legrand’s Clang range has a great reputation in the automotive industry. Coated with a zinc and trivalent chromium passivation finish the range features: • 7 and 10 pin versions with nickel plated brass pins and tubes • Socket tubes that use heat-treated beryllium copper circlips to ensure maximum surface contact and provide a self-maintenance wiping action each time the plug is inserted • A safe, one position only fit between plug and socket • Conformity to ISO1185 and 3731

To find out more about Legrand’s tough customers and to order a copy of the new industrial plugs, sockets and combined units product guide call 0845 605 4333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk

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