Legrand's Swifts Cable Tray Tool Scoops Industry Innovation Awards

Launched just six months ago with the promise that it would set new standards in innovation, Legrand’s Swifts Cable Tray Universal Bracket has won Best Commercial / Industrial Innovation and Overall Innovative Product of the Year at the 2012 Electrical Industry Awards.


Developed with the intention of becoming an indispensible back-up tool for installers, the Swifts Universal Bracket has just one part number and the flexibility to replicate thousands of different traditional cable tray fittings including reducers, flat bends, reducing bends, tees, reducing tees, crossovers, offset and reducing crossovers, flanges, side dropouts and mid-run risers.


The Electrical Industry Awards judging panel described the bracket as: “A highly innovative product that saves both time and money. So simple and straightforward, it begs the question, why hasn’t it been developed sooner?”


Nigel Leaver, the lead marketing manager for Legrand’s cable management division, said: “When we launched the Universal Bracket we were certain it would prove popular due to the fact it relieves one of the biggest frustrations installers encounter on site – namely realising they have a need for a cable tray fitting that isn’t readily available –, but to have it make such a big impression in so short a period of time far exceeds even our most optimistic expectations.”


Legrand, which was named in the top 100 of the world’s most innovative companies by Forbes Magazine in 2011, invests between four and five percent of its annual net sales in research and development. The company employs more then 1,800 people in product development roles and currently holds more than 4,000 active patents.


“There is no mistaking the fact that innovation is key to Legrand’s ongoing success,” added Nigel. “Here in the UK, the Swifts Cable Tray Universal Bracket comes hot on the heels of our award winning Salamandre distribution trunking, and our wiring device division has benefited enormously from the success of Arteor. Meanwhile, the power distribution side of the business is currently launching its new Electrak Lightrak range, which is already receiving numerous plaudits for the innovative way in which it has been enhanced.”

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