Legrand has underlined its position as the UK’s leading cable management company by enhancing and rebranding its already popular DLP range of perimeter trunking.

The new DLP Contour range continues to be as flexible and installer-friendly as its predecessor, but is now easier to order and stock.

The key alterations to the lead-free (i.e. less than 0.1 percent lead content in weight) range include a reduction in part numbers; the inclusion of two profiles in easy to handle two metre lengths; a change in colour from RAL 9002 to 9003, which gives a great match with Legrand’s Synergy wiring devices; and the addition of a contrasting surround frame for wiring devices that helps with Part M compliance.

Additionally, three fixing options have been developed in order to deliver much faster installation times. Firstly, special fixing caps have been specially designed to work with Spit’s 700 E Pulsa nail gun allowing trunking lengths to be fixed to concrete, steel or other substrates in seconds. Secondly, there’s the rapid wall plug, which can be drilled, plugged and screwed to plasterboard in one easy action. And finally, there’s a wall plug which doesn’t require screws but simply a drill and hammer.

Nigel Leaver, a Legrand marketing manager, said: “DLP Contour broadens the scope of the system’s appeal to include wholesalers, stockists and specifiers, as well as the contractors and installers who have championed it since its original launch in 2004.”

The enhanced range is available in three profiles – skirting, dado and universal –, and still boasts DLPs original benefits: • A unique flexible lid not that creates a smooth, clean style allows for quicker and easier installation and can flow round bends and corners without needing to be cut and joined. • Internal and external corner pieces that can be adjusted by plus or minus five degrees (85°to 95°) to ensure a flush fit with no unsightly gaps – even when corners are not perfectly square.

A new brochure highlighting the features and benefits of the DLP Contour range is now available. Visit www.legrand.co.uk or call 0845 605 4333 to find out more

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