Legrand’s fast fit innovations

As the long time world leader in cable management, Legrand is well aware of the need to innovate to stay ahead of the competition, which is why so many of its solutions boast fast fit options that help reduce both installation time and cost.

For example, the company’s Swifts Easi-clip (CKP25) makes the installation of MRF cable tray fast and economical in comparison to traditional fixing methods. The sprung steel, zinc-coated clip simply clips securely into place, meaning there’s no need for additional fixings.

Meanwhile, installation of Legrand’s wire mesh tray is enhanced by the innovative Faslock, which just needs to be located and then tabs bent into place for a strong, secure fit.

Matt Crunden, a Legrand marketing manager for the company’s cable management division, said: “The task of choosing between cable management products offered by different manufacturers can be a tricky one – especially when the vast majority are manufactured to the same regulatory standard and can easily handle the job they are intended for.”

“And while the fact we offer every possible cable management solution is a great reason to work with us, it’s also imperative to have something that differentiates your products from the competition, which is where the fast fit elements of our ranges come in. They improve installation speed, which in turn reduces time on site, keeping costs down and lessening the environmental impact, all key factors amongst both specifiers and contractors.”

Legrand recently extended the fast fit appeal of its cable management offering with the launch of a new range of Salamandre distribution trunking, which is at least 50 per cent quicker to install than its predecessor.

To find out more about Legrand’s cable management offering call 0845 605 4333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk.

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