Legrand’s consumer unit lock down

Legrand has enhanced its popular consumer unit range by introducing lockable brackets that allow contractors to meet on-site health and safety requirements for the safe and secure isolation of circuits in a cost effective and easy to use manner.

The brackets, which are available in two sizes, are designed for use with the company’s 16 and 22 module surface mounted insulated consumer units.  They can be fitted with ease around the consumer unit and can be secured with a standard padlock, and then removed and reused once a site / plot is finished.

Caroline Boden, a marketing manager for Legrand’s wiring device business unit, said: “This is a unique and straightforward solution to a common safety and security issue, which to date has been addressed mainly through the availability of expensive lockable consumer units.”

“I’m certain this simple little accessory will prove a real hit with contractors across the country.”

To find out more about the new bracket call 0845 6054333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk.

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