Legrand, a world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks, has enhanced its range of consumer units in order to meet the demands of the 17th edition wiring regulations.

The key development is the introduction of a new dual RCD split load unit, which has been designed to provide unparalleled installation flexibility. Offered in ten and sixteen available outgoing ways, the new unit can be configured on site and is available with an insulated or metal casing.

Meanwhile, Legrand’s existing units can be easily upgraded for the 17th edition through the replacement of MCBs with RCBOs for the unprotected ways.

Legrand marketing manager, François Dupré commented: “Although the 17th edition was published on January 1st, its immediate impact was reduced due to the inclusion of a six-month bedding in period. Like many others we treated this period as an opportunity to see how the new regulations worked in practice before committing to changes that we feel are best suited to providing the perfect 17th edition solution.”

All of Legrand’s consumer units combine an elegant appearance with ultimate ease of installation and incorporate a range of user-friendly features, including:

Full-length busbar supplied retained within the unit for on-site configuration of the split of ways. A removable pan assembly unit. Multiple cut-outs on the back, bottom, top and sides of the unit. Removable earth and neutral terminal holders that simply clip into place. Terminals that are supplied with screws in a backed-off position. Furthermore, the positioning of the rail has been selected to allow for maximum cabling space, while model variants are available that meet both flush or surface mounting requirements.

Flexibility of the units is aided by custom-build kits, which allow for the on-site configuration. Options available include incomer or dual tariff, split load, split load dual tariff and triple tariff kits, all of which give the installer the ability to tailor their solutions to the exact requirements of a specific project.

For additional information on Legrand’s enhanced 17th edition consumer unit range call 0845 605 4333 or visit www.legrand.co.uk.

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