Legrand has launched a range of combined power and lighting metered boards that help engineers design installations to meet the requirements of Part L (Conservation of fuel and power) of the Building Regulations.

The company, which is a world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks also supplies standard distribution equipment capable of being configured to meet the energy monitoring requirements introduced by Part L requirements.

Legrand product marketing manager, Andy Wiles said: “The requirement to account for where at least 90 per cent of energy usage is made means that consumption by end use is driving the separation of traditionally combined lighting and small power final distribution boards into split boards, where the supplies to the power loads are metered separately to the lighting loads.”

“As a result, a large market has emerged for flexible products that make specification of quality built and designed solutions very easy. Aimed at meeting this need, our combined power and lighting boards provide bespoke solutions and aid compliance with the Part L requirements.”

Elegant in appearance, Legrand’s new boards are available as either wall mounted or floor standing options and feature a host of other user choosable features, including:

  • Main incomers 200A, 300A, 400A MCCB, or, direct lugs
  • Choice of device type feeding the MCB backpans – isolator, RCD or MCCB
  • MCB backpans in 125A bars or 250A busbar ratings, and, various numbers of ways from 8 TP to 24 TP ways
  • For energy measurement purposes we can integrate many different types of meter from ordinary pulsed output to those signaling via various bus topologies.

  • “All solutions in the range are fully factory assembled, wired and tested, thus providing the specifier with the peace of mind that the installed solution will be as intended when the system was designed on the drawing board,” continued Andy.

    “Additionally, where needs are less complex and / or budgets tightly restricted, much of the new range’s functionality can be gained through the use of our standard distribution board equipment, which is available off the shelf.”

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