Legrand highlights aluminium benefits as copper prices soar

With the price of copper widely predicted to break through the $10,000(US) per tonne mark, Legrand has underlined the benefits of its aluminium Zucchini busbars and cast resin transformers.

Steve Marr, marketing manager for the company’s power distribution division, said: “Traditionally, aluminium had been regarded as the poor relation to copper as an electrical conductor, but recent advances have meant that it is now an exceptionally high performance product that compares very favourably with copper in terms of mechanical strength, heat stability and thermal conductivity characteristics.

“Add to the mix the soaring price of copper, which is fast making it prohibitively expensive, and we feel certain aluminium will soon be the electrical conductor of choice here in the UK.”

Legrand offers a wide selection of aluminium busbars and cast resin transformers. Its Zucchini MR aluminium busbar range is available in all sizes from 160 to 1,000A, while its SCP busbar range is offered in all sizes up to 5,000A. Both systems feature a large selection of tap-off boxes that allow the supply and protection of a wide range of loads using different devices such as fuses, MCBs and MCCBs. The company also manufactures both products with copper conductors should the project and conditions define that copper must be the material of choice.

In contrast, Legrand’s range of cast resin transformers is manufactured solely with aluminium conductors due to the fact the benefits of aluminium far outweigh copper in these systems. The Zucchini EdM range answers every high power, medium voltage market need, providing as it does rated power to 17,000kVA, primary voltage to 36kV and secondary voltage if required,

For more information on Zucchini MR busbar and Legrand’s other power distribution products call 0845 600 6266 or visit http://www.legrand.co.uk.

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