Legrand has launched a range of ready-to-install door entry kits aimed specifically at expanding the scope of the technology to all residential developments.

Damien Nirousset, a Legrand marketing manager, said: “A door entry kit helps to protect a home by providing a secure means of communication with the outside world. Traditionally, smaller developments have relied on a standard doorbell – a practice we feel is detrimental to the homeowner. The aim of the new Legrand door entry kits is to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy the peace of mind the technology gives.”

The range features three different types of kit – audio, video and hands-free. All of which include modern, extra-slim entrance panels and stylish handsets that sit perfectly in any décor.

The audio option has the provision for up to three handsets on any one system, all of which can also be used as internal intercoms, while the two wire technology it operates from means installation is as easy as that of a traditional door bell.

The video system broadcasts a clear black and white image that enables the user to immediately identify any visitor. In addition, the handset can also be used for security purposes – a simple push of the button enabling the homeowner to keep a discreet eye on events outside.

Finally, the hands-free option provides all the benefits of the video handset, but with the added bonus of hands-free two way speech at the touch of a button.

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