Legrand has enhanced its home systems range with the launch of Synergy lighting controls, which enable users to manage a wide range of ‘smart’ lighting scenario options.

The controls are the newest additions to the company’s home systems range, which is designed to provide simple to install, but high feature components that enable designers and installers to economically create smart homes of varying degrees of size and number of features. The new products have been developed to integrate fully with Legrand’s popular Synergy wiring devices range and provide both recognisable and smart controls – the recognisable being separate switch and dimmer functions, while the lighting control scenario switch can be used to activate preset light settings.

Legrand marketing manager, Mark Evans said: “Smart home technology has been around in the electrical industry for many years, but it is only recently that solutions have been developed that turn it into a workable reality.

“Today, there is scope for everything from a one room lighting control system through to full house systems that include features such as sound and video distribution, and multispace lighting scenario provision.

“Our lighting controls are a key part of this picture on the basis they allow a straightforward means of providing homeowners with a new level of control.”

The Synergy controls can be used to create a huge amount of different lighting scenarios that can be tied in with different smart home types. For example, a preset lighting scenario could contribute to reducing energy use through the simple action of a single switch push that turns off or dims a series of light sources within a home. Similarly, the same control could be programmed to create a series of mood lighting scenarios that are ideal for everything from watching a film on TV to reading. And what’s more, these different scenarios can be controlled by remote control from the comfort of an armchair.

From an installation point of view the controls couldn’t be simpler. The range has been designed to operate via mains power, meaning it needs nothing more than the live, neutral and earth cables that are already installed and in use in any electrical installation to operate.

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