Legrand finds UK’s fast-fit champion

After two months, 100 Pit Stop road shows and thousands of time trials, Legrand has found the UK’s fast fitter – and it’s an electrician from Norwich.

Robert Rolfe, who works for J.A Collins Ltd, managed to fit a figure of 5 layout of the company’s new Salamandre distribution trunking together in a time of just 19.303secs when he attended a road show held at Edmundson Electrical’s Norwich branch on February 17th.

Mr Rolfe, whose winning time was close to a second faster than the runner-up – Ben Eanor from Leeds –, was presented with a truly impressive array of prizes by Legrand’s sales director, Jeff Platt and Edmundson’s branch manager, Steve Finney. As a regional winner he received a 37inch widescreen TV, PS3 and racing game, and as the national winner he won a pair of VIP tickets to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July.

Commenting on his winning performance, he said: “I saw the Salamandre challenge in the branch and really didn’t expect to win, but having watched a few other people give it a go, the system looked really easy to fit – and it was. You really have to give it to Legrand, its new Salamandre trunking is the real fast-fit winner.”

Legrand’s Pit Stop road show was a key part of the launch of its new range of Salamandre distribution trunking, which is 50 per cent quicker to install than its predecessor – a statistic that inspired the Formula 1 related Pit Stop road show.

Legrand’s Jeff Platt said: “It’s not often a new product comes to market that can deliver such huge savings in terms of installation time and cost. As such we really wanted as many people in the electrical industry to have hands-on experience of it as quickly as possible, and the road shows have done exactly this.”

“We’ve held 100 road shows over two months and thousands of people have stepped up and taken the fast-fit challenge. Even more encouraging, sales of the product are already well ahead of our most optimistic predictions.”

Legrand’s Salamandre trunking features an array of innovative patent pending developments, which enhance every aspect of the installation process – these include:

  • A double folded safety edge on the return of the trunking, which is safer for handling and cables
  • An external coupler that is wider and stronger than the current coupler, hides unsightly site cuts and ensures good earth continuity. And because it is supplied pre-fitted, the time savings are immediately apparent
  • Slotted ends on all lengths allow the trunking to be slid into place and secured with the minimum of effort
  • Multi-head shake proof screws that aid installation flexibility. The screws have a built-in serrated flange that bites into the steel to help earth continuity, are supplied assembled to all couplers and fittings, and are backed off ready to accept the next component meaning no more bags of screws to go missing. The base of the thread has also been redesigned with a dome to protect the cables once installed
  • A rapid fit cover for speed of installation.
  • Innovative push-fit, spring loaded / ¼ turn turnbuckles for fast, secure fitting and easy maintenance

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