Learning to live without glare

The newly refurbished Year 2 classroom at Christ Church Primary School had an original Victorian roof light, which led to filling the classroom with excessive glare. The interactive whiteboard was unusable, even on overcast days. ‘I had to be wary of the backgrounds I used on the whiteboard otherwise the pupils couldn’t see the content, and DVDs were completely unwatchable’ said Mrs Palmer, Year 2 teacher.

The school’s Network Manager, Linda Healy found Thomas Sanderson on the internet, ‘My sister told me about Thomas Sanderson, I called them up and they came in, measured up and sent me a quote. Most companies I called refused to come in and measure up’. Linda continues, ‘I was impressed with the service from start to finish’.

Thomas Sanderson installed their remote control PowerPleat™ blinds which reduce glare considerably. And blinds can be operated at the touch of a button and allow pupils to learn using the interactive whiteboard. Mrs Palmer enthuses ‘We use the blinds all day every day and I can finally use DVDs and the internet in class as a teaching aid’. Linda continues, ‘We chose pleated blinds because they were more attractive and not bland like other

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