Leaning towards Delta-MS

Offered as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional sub-base courses made from lean concrete, Delta-MS is a sub-base course from Delta Membrane Systems.

This dimpled sheet is made from high-density polyethylene, and is supplied in roll form for quick and easy laying without the need for costly equipment or additional excavation.

Resistant to acids, alkalines, oils and solvents, the material is capable of handling high compressive strengths in the region of 250kN/m2.

The design of the sheet – which features some 1,800 dimples/m2 – ensures good pressure distribution and low point loads. It has the additional benefit of protecting the foundation slab from rising damp, and preventing cement grout from seeping into the ground.

Each sheet overlaps the next by at least 20mm to ensure an effective seal, and specially-designed spacers ensure steel reinforcement sits above the membrane at a consistent level.

For applications where a fair-faced concrete finish is required, spacers are also used between the lower and upper reinforcement meshes – again to ensure the gap measurement is maintained throughout the installation.

A variety of rolls sizes is available – 2, 2.4 and 3m wide in lengths of 20m.

According to Delta Membrane Systems, those using Delta-MS can – compared with the lean concrete alternative – expect cost savings of 70-80% in materials, and up to 6% in application.

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