Leading the field in modular building systems and high performance construction materials

Powerwall is a leading developer and manufacturer of modular building systems and high performance construction material. The company established in 1990 has four key divisions: 

1. Modular Building Systems
2. Rendering/Finishing Materials
3. Honeycomb Building Panels
4. International Licensing (Modular Building Systems)

Modular Building Construction 

The company's patented building systems have been deployed in a wide variety of developments from residential housing and schools to luxury hotel complexes.

Powerwall's unique Volumetric modular building system offers developers, builders and architects a number of advantages over conventional building methods including:

  • The ability to build structures up to 22 storeys high. The specially designed tubular steel frame and unique patented connector system offers structural integrity which far exceeds conventional modular building systems.
  • Speed. Modules are constructed at our 10-acre state-of-the-art factory complex for quick and easy assembly on site offering time savings over conventional building systems. With most studies indicating real-time savings of 50 to 60%
  • An almost infinite range of exterior finishes and renders can be applied to the buildings and there is enormous scope to design the building interiors to an end customer's specific requirements.
  • Massively reduced site time and building costs.
  • Modules are constructed in factory conditions giving complete control over quality and finish therefore are totally independent of external weather conditions.
  • Air tightness is 78% more efficient lowering energy consumption costs.
  • Superior sound insulation exceeds current industry requirements – floors by 32% and exterior walls by 18%.
  • Environmentally sustainable: the Powerwall building system uses up to 67% less energy than a traditionally built project.

    Rendering & Building Materials 

    Powerwall is a leading manufacturer of high quality renders and aggregates including premixed renders, polymer renders, surerend renders, acrylic renders, aggregates and a full range of associated products such as sealers, washes and primers.

    Honeycomb Cassette Walling System 

    Powerwall's unique hi-tech Honeycomb panels overcome one of the key issues of timber frame building methods – thermal efficiency.  Heat efficiency regulations mean that the standard thickness of timber kit walls has risen from a 90mm stud to 145mm stud with the associated increase in building costs.  Powerwall's Honeycomb system not only surpasses the regulations by an extraordinary 34% but offers superior fire arrest facilities.

    International Licensing 

    Such has been the success of Powerwall's patented modular building system that it has been licensed to key partners in Europe and attracted considerable interest from other parts of the world. The American and Canadian markets have shown particular interest as the timber frame sector has been restricted to buildings of four storeys high due to traditional building methods being deployed. The Volumetric system offers the flexibility for developers to build up to 22 storeys high for either new builds or refurbishment projects.

    Joe Pacitti, Global Sales Director, Powerwall said: “In today's tough economic climate builders and developers need to find ways of cutting project costs without cutting quality. Our unique modular building methods and high performance building materials developed over the past 20 years slash the time taken from conception to completion by as much as 50% and offer a huge number of benefits such as greater quality control, superior thermal insulation and exceeding current environmental standards.”

    He added: “Whether it is new build project or a refurbishment we can offer a solution for 21st century buildings employing 21st century technology.”

    Powerwall has production, development and manufacturing facilities near Glasgow and in Udine, Italy. Revenues in 2009 were £15m and the company employs 80 people including engineers, technicians and architects. In addition, the company employs up to 40 sub-contractors.

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