Leading Energy Saving Paint makes TV debut

A West Yorkshire based company which prides itself on its range of innovative energy- saving paint products caught the watchful eye of the BBC Look North team last week. 

The team learnt how Warmcoat Energy Saving Paint tackles the age old problem of insulation with a little ‘outside the box’ thinking. By combining cutting-edge Nano and heat shielding technologies, Thermilate Europe Limited has developed easy-to-use paints, coatings and plaster products which create a thermal barrier upon application; inhibiting heat transfer through walls and ceilings.
Statistically the Yorkshire and Humber region is responsible for the highest rate of carbon emissions in the UK, making it all the more important for innovative companies such as Thermilate to come forward and play a crucial role in cost-effective heat loss control and hence the reduction of these  highly damaging CO2 emissions.

CO2Sense Yorkshire, a subsidiary of Yorkshire Forward, supports businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber region to cut waste and emissions and drive growth.  Rick Hamilton, Marketing Director at CO2Sense who arranged the interview stated: “Thermilate’s Warmcoat paint is a great example of the sort of innovative product that will help to cut both costs and greenhouse gas emissions. So we were delighted to be able to showcase Thermilate as part of the BBC story about the work that we’re doing with smaller companies to combat climate change in Yorkshire.”

 Warmcoat increases the efficiency of the heating system . . . by retaining more of the heat for longer in properties means the thermostat does not trigger the boiler as often, so reducing heating costs significantly.  Also rooms feel warmer and for longer, due to the continued circulation of the heat within the room.  According to Richard Bacon, General Manager at Thermilate, a reduction of 2-3 degrees centigrade on the heating system’s thermostat can be made without a cooling effect being felt in the room, and the Energy Saving Trust calculates these figures lead to cost savings of up to 30% - enabling huge savings on the nation’s annual heating bills.

The advent and application of such innovative technologies are central to the government’s drive in meeting carbon emission reductions in line with the Kyoto Protocol.  A 3-bedroomed semi-detached property for instance, can save up to 148 KGS of carbon emissions per year when coated with Warmcoat emulsion on walls and ceilings.  Little wonder 97% of Thermilate customers stated their homes felt warmer and cosier when painted with Warmcoat and stayed that way for longer, according to an independent survey.

However, Thermilate’s energy-saving paints go much further than providing unique decorative insulation . . .  the breathability of the products can completely eliminate condensation and mould growth problems on walls and ceilings.  Commitment to providing the best possible service in delivering environmentally friendly, premium quality energy-saving paints, coatings and plaster products that work in harmony with the environment have led to Thermilate being nominated in a major award ceremony to be held later in the year.    

While multi-national companies around the world and local councils in the UK use Thermilate’s Warmcoat to solve their insulation problems, save on energy costs, reduce their carbon emissions and operate sustainable business practises, more and more individual householders are jumping on the band wagon and taking advantage of this most cost-effective and easy-to-use insulating product. 

All Thermilate energy-saving products have been independently tested to UK, EU and ASTM standards. Thermilate offers each and every customer guaranteed satisfaction. Such is the conviction in their product range that Richard Bacon states “We offer our customers complete peace of mind when purchasing our products.  If for any reason, customers are not fully satisfied with the results of our paints, they can take full advantage of our money-back guarantee”.

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