Leaders in biomass choose Windhager

One of the leading companies in the biomass industry, Verdo Group, has chosen Windhager BioWIN wood pellet boilers for the new pellet and briquette plant of its UK subsidiary, Verdo Renewables Ltd based in Andover, Hampshire.

Committed to sustainable biomass energy solutions to British and European customers, Verdo Renewables Ltd is involved in the development of biomass-based fuel production as well as the distribution and installation of biomass technology in Britain.

Unbeatable in terms of convenience and efficiency, the BioWIN boilers have been installed in the main company headquarters and factory office of the company’s Andover plant which started operations in April 2010.

As installers often face challenges when supplying heat to large buildings or office spaces, the BioWIN 52kW cascade system has been installed at the company’s headquarters, providing numerous advantages over conventional, large-scale installations. The cascade solution offers a higher efficiency during the summer months when only hot water is required without additional heating. This is provided by just one of the BioWIN units with the additional boiler remaining on standby, creating greater efficiencies for fluctuating heating requirements and greatly reducing operating costs. 

Reliable operation is also guaranteed by the cascade system as one boiler will maintain heat production at the correct level if maintenance is being carried out on the other. The system boasts an impressive long service life as materials of the individual cascade boilers are subjected to significantly less stress than those of one large boiler. The easy to use system is available with automated ash removal, automatic heating surface cleaning and fully automated pellet feed.

Chosen for its performance and design, the single 21kW BioWIN boiler installed in the factory office provides a functional display of the latest biomass technology within the reception area.

Commenting on the installation, Richard Smith, Managing Director at Verdo Renewables Ltd said, “The BioWIN was chosen as a good looking model to sit in the reception area to provide heating and hot water as well as display the latest biomass technology. Having been to the Windhager factory in Austria and being familiar with the company I can be confident in the company and the reliability and high quality of its products.”

Both BioWIN Exklusiv systems installed at the site use a manual feed system and as pellets are produced on-site no automated pellet feed system was required.

The BioWIN boiler from Windhager is available in three comfort classes, Exklusiv, Premium or Klassik, depending on the level of comfort and convenience required.

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