A leading national timber merchant has launched a brand new guide to showcase its wide range of hardwoods from around the world.

The glossy brochure has been produced by Arnold Laver Timber World and features invaluable customer information on timber colours, styles, sizes, durability and suitability.

The new Timber World guide has been launched at Laver branches nationwide, including Bradford, Birmingham, Chesterfield, Hull, Kidderminster, Leeds, Manchester, North East, Reading and Sheffield.

Peter James, Arnold Laver's Group Hardwood Product Controller, said: "Timber World staff know all there is to know about hardwoods and this new guide is a fantastic way of getting some of that information across to our customers in a compact and easy to follow format.

"We have one of the widest hardwood ranges in the UK and we pride ourselves on the quality of our of timber. This new guide highlights our expertise and helps customers decide exactly what kind of hardwood they require for a variety of different applications."

For a copy of the new Hardwood guide call 01274 410719 or collect from Timber World branches across the UK.

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