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Home Energy Performance Pro

Determine the Energy class (A to G) of a home… by yourself !!

With escalating energy prices (electricity, fuel, gas ...) and growing emission of greenhouse gases, the control of our energy consumption is becoming an ecological and economical priority, at both individual and international levels.

In Europe, for example, buildings represent 40% of the overall energy consumption. Home Energy Efficiency becomes a major issue, as it affects all of us.
In each country, governments are implementing policies: new Building regulations (passive houses…), development of renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass ...), grants and subsidized loans...

In several countries, measuring and showing the energy class of a home is now mandatory during the lifecycle of the building: from the construction project, after delivery, at a purchase/sale act or for renting.
Being able to describe the main parameters that determine the Energy class and the Climate class (CO2 emission) allows to get a further insight into a home, it is essential for a better understanding of the energy consumption, an improved readability of the potential for renovation and for an accurate value on the property market.

You, Architect, Property Developer, Housing Eco-builder or Self-builder, Realtor Estates Agents, Green Building Professionals, Home Renovation Designer, Heating Specialists, Insulation Installers...

Qreative Media offers "Home energy performance Pro", for your Tablet or your Mobile.
"Home energy performance Pro" an easy-to-use and innovative tool that allows you to :

 Achieve Energy Performance Audit of any accommodation, including 2 methods : using the Housing characteristics or Energy bills, 2 types available: Quick Audit & Full Audit
 Quickly determine the A to G Energy class and the A to G Climate class (CO2 emission) of any home before calling a certified professional in a regulated framework
 Provide your client with a professional and detailed report in result of its home audit

"Home energy performance Pro" will also bring you:

 1 simulation tool for electricity consumption
 50 items of advice and information directly related to the context of the Home Energy Efficiency: Insulation, Roof, Wall, Ventilation, Heating, Wood Energy, Solar Energy ...
 1 live news feed on Twitter
 1 community forum on Facebook

Not only intuitive, quick and simple but also educational and informative, "Home energy performance Pro" is a real tool for audit and decision support.

"Home Energy performance Pro" is now available on Apple Store and Android Market.

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