Laufen Forum, the Swiss bathroom specialist’s new exhibition and visitor centre, has been honoured with the Swiss Award for Marketing and Architecture 2010, in recognition of its exemplary architecture, building technology, innovation and clear reflection of the company’s corporate philosophy.

The building, designed by local architects Nissen and Wentzlaff at the manufacturer’s headquarters in Switzerland, is a virtually window-less, two-storey concrete structure which when viewed from above resembles a Laufen washbasin. Poised on a slope with natural light flooding into the atrium via skylights in the roof, the building requires minimum heating and no air conditioning.

Inside, the Laufen Forum is a hub for inspirational bathrooms, providing an open platform for customers to look, feel, touch and even try out the products for themselves, helping them to gain an insight into the world of contemporary and avant-garde bathroom design which is central to the Laufen brand.

The Award for Marketing and Architecture annually acknowledges those who have planned and built properties in Switzerland based on the properties of high-quality corporate architecture.

This year’s award in the category of ‘Office and business blocks, industrial and commercial buildings’ was given to Laufen not only for the form of the building itself but also in recognition of the quality of the overall Laufen Forum experience, the material, colour and light concepts used and the way in which the building and its interior creates a subtle yet positive public awareness of the brand and provides inspiration for employees and customers alike.

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