Cytech Europe will launch a stylish new touchscreen keypad, the KT03, in the next few months. The monochrome KT03 with a 4-inch (10 cm) LCD touchscreen has a built in speaker, microphone and infrared (IR) receiver.

L Y Chiu, Director of Cytech Europe Limited, says “The KT03 has been designed to provide a compelling and appealing user interface for the Comfort Security and Home Automation System allowing the user more easily to access its powerful capabilities and to fill a gap in the market between a simple LCD keypad and the large, very expensive touchscreens.”

A typical LCD display (above). The speaker area is covered by a metallic-like grille with hairline finish. The status leds shine through a translucent black bezel on the front showing Home, Armed, AC/Battery and New Message conditions. The infra-red receiver and microphone are beneath the outer bezel.

The crystal-clear, graphically-designed touchscreen can be mounted in landscape, portrait or vertical positions and hundreds of pages can be programmed as the home-owner requires.

As well as acting as a normal keypad page exit and entry time countdown and the open zones are also shown. Another page shows details such as like AC Failure, Low Battery, Zone Trouble, Communications Failure.

C-Bus, KNX, Dynalite, Zwave, Velbus and Lutron are among the third party products that the KT03 can be programmed to control so that the status of the controlled appliances can be seen. It can also be used as an Audio Intercom with the Door Station and many more useful features.

Using Cytech’s Comfigurator software, the KT03 is programmed via a USB interface. Availability is forecast for October/November, 2010.

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