Laing O’Rourke to receive lessons in listening!

Safety conscious engineering and construction specialists, Laing O’Rourke, have lined up a visit for their Cardiff employees from the award-winning Bionic Ear Show. Courtesy of national charity Deafness Research UK, the show - sponsored by BUPA and supported by the BIG Lottery Fund - will be making appearances at two Laing O’Rourke Cardiff sites to highlight the dangers of loud noise, on 16 and 17 February.

Working in the safest possible environment is vital for the worldwide employer which has enlisted the help of Deafness Research UK and the Bionic Ear Show to demonstrate to Cardiff workers the need to protect their hearing. Currently touring the country spreading the word, Deafness Research UK’s innovative Bionic Ear Show provides support and advice on hearing loss to various organisations, businesses, social groups, schools and colleges.

“One of the key messages of the Bionic Ear Show is that while loud noises and environments can’t always be avoided, simple precautions can help you avoid long-term hearing damage,” says Deafness Research UK’s Chief Executive, Vivienne Michael. ”For those working within the construction industry, such as the employees at Laing O’Rourke, precautions should be taken to ensure employees’ ears are protected by ear plugs or ear defenders,” Vivienne Michael added.

The interactive Bionic Ear Show features the World’s Largest Ear, at a staggering 22ft, which is a big hit with audiences of all ages. Presenter Tobin May walks and talks the audience through the process of hearing, the damaging effects of exposure to loud noise, and the best cure of all for hearing loss – prevention. Free hearing tests will also be provided to staff.

The ears and hearing system are often taken for granted but are one of the most important parts of the human body. The Bionic Ear Show, together with hearing screening afterwards, reinforces the importance of looking after your hearing. We are encouraging regular checks for the same reason people have eye tests; to spot any problems while they are small and easily dealt with.

Affecting around nine million people in the UK, hearing loss is on the rise. The loud noises and buzzing from heavy machinery can mean workers are at risk of developing tinnitus - a painful ringing in the ears - and premature hearing loss. Delivering the serious facts about hearing loss to the audience is done so using a variety of entertaining and informative demonstrations and interactive activities. The show’s serious message is delivered in a fun way so that it can be understood by all; as well as the 22ft ear, there is a ‘Guess That Tune’ game allowing the audience to experience what it is like for those with cochlear ear implants to hear music.

Anyone who would like the Roadshow to visit their organisation, school, community group or event free of charge should contact Laura Turner at Deafness Research UK on 020 7164 2294 or email Laura at . The schedule is subject to change, but an up to date version and further information can be found on the website at:

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