Lafarge and Mondi in Jordan join efforts for better bag performance

Vienna, November 2, 2010 – With an annual volume of 30 million bags, Lafarge Jordan is a key business partner for Mondi. In 2008, Lafarge Jordan reported a higher yearly average bag breakage rate than the limit set in the contract with Mondi. To clarify the reasons for this high breakage rate and determine how it could drastically be reduced Mondi and Lafarge joined forces. The goal of both partners was to cut the breakage rate by two thirds by optimizing processes in both plants.

Joint development

The key to success was the intense collaboration between the two partners. In various workshops processes in both plants were analysed and knowledge on bag manufacturing and cement filling process were shared. “Through the different workshops we held, everyone from Lafarge and Mondi contributed input in their field of expertise”, says Imran Omari, Packaging Manager at Lafarge Jordan. “This exchange of experience was very valuable for all team members, and we can now see the successful results at the end“, he adds. Improvements on both sides were determined and implemented such as standardised training, enhanced palette packaging, reviews of the quality control system, training for bag handling, enhanced stock management procedures and even adaptations of filling equipment.

Exceeded goals

The processes improved through the project resulted in a considerable reduction of the breakage rate, which even exceeded the challenging target of reducing breakage by two thirds. “The results are impressive and I am glad to see that such a joint project between Lafarge and Mondi in Jordan enhanced the business cooperation towards more improvements on both sides”, explains Giuseppe DeDonno, Deputy Plant Manager at Lafarge Jordan. “The positive results we achieved are a great motivation for us at Mondi Jordan to continue our efforts in delivering the best products with high service level standards”, adds Mohammad Najmiddin, Sales Manager at Mondi Jordan.

Sustainable change management

Now the most important challenge is to sustain this success in the long run. For this aim, regular monitoring of the bag performance and reporting were introduced - all of this being supported by highly motivated project members. “The key success factors in this projects are people involved in the team from both Lafarge and Mondi Jordan, their commitment and willingness to change, and of course the management support from both companies“, states Tarik Aniba, Project Manager at Mondi Industrial Bags. In addition, this hard work done by both partners will have a multiplier effect: The initiative was so successful that it will be implemented in other plants outside of Jordan.

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