Façade crafted from high-tech material used to make bullet-proof vests and planes

The interlocking façade of Kolon One & Only Tower is crafted from a high-tech material used to make bullet-proof vests, helmets and planes. When designing the structure, Los Angeles-based design studio Morphosis worked with Kolon, a Korean textile manufacturer, to build the research facility which is situated in Seoul’s new technology district. 

The building is constructed with aramid (short for aromatic amide) which is added to the composite mix to strengthen the glass fiber-reinforced polymer. The material has five times the strength of iron of the same weight and is heat resistant. This makes the building increasingly resilient to high winds and the dramatic weather changes that take place throughout the year.

The aramid-based façade has vertical layers designed to shade and diffuse light inside the building. One of the most notable features of the design is the lack of support structures which allow sunshade to float outside the glazed wall providing clear views from inside the building.

Kolon One & Only Tower is also equipped with a green roof, outdoor courtyards, photovoltaics, geothermal design, roof terraces and solar panels. Central to the interior of the building is a staircase which is lined with 400 eight-metre-long translucent panels, allowing natural light to flow into the space. 

Morphosis used bubble deck technology to construct Kolon One & Only Tower which reduces the amount of concrete used by 30% by using plastic balls as a form of reinforcement.

To view more about the material's properties, visit Kolon's website

Image credits: Jasmine Park, Courtesy of Morphosis Architects

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