KNX intelligent building technology is at the heart of a smart home project in a new Chichester apartment. The installation offers the apartment owners high levels of style, flexibility, functionality and simple operation – typical of the many KNX based projects undertaken by the company.

The developer had an extensive list of smart home requirements for his client’s property which included multi-room entertainment, discrete surround sound in the living room, smart lighting and heating, blind control, security and more. For example, iPods were exclusively specified to store music and use them as a simple way of carrying their music collection with them when travelling. As a result, a docking station has been incorporated that allows the music on the iPod to be heard through ceiling speakers throughout the house.

As part of the practical and cost effective KNX solution, the home also features the intelligent integration of lighting, zoned heating, blinds and other services that allow sophisticated control at the press of a button. When the occupants leave the property, a single button is simply pressed to turn all the lighting off, put the zoned heating into ‘away’ mode. It also turns the televisions off and puts the house into ‘occupancy simulation’ mode.

The client has been particularly enthusiastic about the ability to listen to music or the radio via their iPods anywhere in the apartment and also enthuse about the use of sensors in the hallway and landings so that they can walk through without having to press a switch. The KNX intelligent installation also has the flexibility of easy expansion or modification at a later date. In this case, a future enhancement will allow the clients to remotely turn the hot water and heating system back on prior to returning from holiday.

The installation was completed by KNX UK association member and systems integrator Reality Logic.

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