The development of the SciTec building at Oundle School near Peterborough highlights a commitment to sustainability. It is an inspiring new centre for sciences, art, design and technology that embraces green technology. It provides both significant energy savings and offers educational benefit to the students who will be able to monitor energy usage. KNX UK systems integrator Andromeda Telematics helped bring together multiple intelligent building controls into a single solution, meeting the specification of the project.

The decision to use KNX as a common platform to control the building meant that a number of energy savings specified could be realised and also it allowed complete integration to be achieved. The benefits of KNX were very clear as the project needed reliable and robust control of many features including lighting, underfloor heating, natural ventilation, metering, full HVAC and various other elements, all reporting back to one common visualisation package. By using KNX, all of the control requirements could be connected together using the same bus system. This allowed for a simple installation and only one system to set up and commission.

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