Readymix Plasters for machine application give the art of finishing walls and ceilings a fresh boost of speed and efficiency. One of the first UK sites to benefit from the latest technology is the four star Deluxe Hilton Hotel in Reading’s Southside, where all 198 guest rooms were spray plastered with new Readymix products from Knauf Drywall in just eight weeks. New Knauf Plano and Knauf Deco are purpose designed for machine application on fast track building projects and are supplied pre-mixed to the correct consistency for spraying.

The Deluxe Hilton, built by BAM Construction for PRUPIM, is a key element at Southside, a 100 acre mixed use development planned for 1,150 homes, up to 83,600m2 of A-grade office accommodation and 2,300m2 of retail space. Leicestershire based SB Coatings UK is completing guest rooms in the hotel at the rate of 24 per week with Knauf Plano and Knauf Deco, before moving to the conference rooms and other public areas on the lower floors.

Matthew Smith, Sales Director of SB Coatings UK, says: “We are using Knauf Readymix Plasters on blockwork and plasterboard walls, and concrete soffits. Everyone who has seen the result has been most impressed – the plaster finish is so good it looks like it’s already been painted.” BAM Project Manager Tony Hardy says: “This is a great solution for modern building – it’s fast, economical and clean. The finish is excellent.”

Knauf Readymix Plasters provide a rapid, cost effective alternative to traditional plaster for finishing walls and ceilings. They are so fast that a typical three-man gang can complete around 1,000m2 per week – and finished surfaces can be emulsion painted after just 24-48 hours.

Knauf Plano is a filler and levelling compound machine-applied on thin joint block systems, uneven concrete or damaged surfaces. It can be applied up to 4mm per coat, with typical drying times of 12-24 hours each.

Knauf Deco is sprayed as a 1-2mm top coat on Knauf Plano, or as a two coat finish directly on to smooth surfaces. Knauf Deco produces a flat finish; Knauf Deco Plus is used for self-finished textured effects as well as flat finishes. Knauf Airless is used in the same way as Knauf Deco, but with an airless high pressure pump.

In addition to their speed, Knauf Readymix Plasters are economical, environment friendly and extremely durable. Packed in 25kg bags which are recyclable, the plasters are low-waste – any material trowelled off the surface can be reapplied. The water-based products are non-hazardous to health or environment – and they won’t react with substrates such as lime plasters or sand-cement renders. Knauf Readymix Plasters are flexible, so even less likely to crack than traditional plaster skim coats – and Knauf Deco Plus is moisture resistant, making it ideally suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and changing rooms.

Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, dry flooring, drywall accessories, and metal sections for domestic, commercial and public sector applications. Knauf Drywall pioneered carbon neutral plasterboard in the UK with Knauf Futurepanel. Knauf Drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a zero waste policy in its energy efficient factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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