High on the list of time saving specialist products from Knauf Drywall are Knauf Putty Pads – the easy answer for reliable acoustic and fire protection of electrical socket boxes in drywall partitions. Now also with Robust Detail approval for use in plasterboard separating walls on timber frames or steel studs, Knauf Putty Pads can be used to preserve the integrity of drywall construction around electrical service penetrations in walls between dwellings.

Knauf Putty Pads are sheets of intumescent, mouldable putty in two sizes to fit inside or outside single and double socket boxes in drywall constructions in all residential and commercial applications. They are used with plastic socket boxes to avoid the need for traditional baffle boxes which are time consuming to build and to fit. Knauf Putty Pads are so simple to use that the installer can achieve full protection of a socket in just two or three minutes – 25 minutes faster than traditional methods. This means a single installer can seal about 12 boxes an hour – against two previously.

Paul Tollervey, Knauf Drywall Research and Development Manager, says Knauf Putty Pads can maintain a fire rating of up to two hours in drywall partitions, and an acoustic rating of up to 60dB Rw. “The Robust Detail approval means that builders can use Knauf Putty Pads in specific plasterboard separating wall constructions without needing pre-completion testing to prove compliance with Part E of the Building Regulations,” he says. “This underlines the importance of our efficient time saving solutions for builders – and we are seeing a significant increase in demand for Knauf Putty Pads as a result.”

Knauf Putty Pads can be fitted inside socket boxes at first or second fix, or on the outside at first fix. Cables are passed through the pad which is then pressed firmly to the box to ensure adhesion and closure of any gaps. Knauf Putty Pads are available from builders merchants in boxes of 20. They are 3.5mm thick and are 180 x 130mm or 230 x 230mm with easy-peel protective paper on both sides.

Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, drywall accessories, metal sections and steel building systems, for domestic and commercial applications. Recently Knauf Drywall introduced the UK industry’s first carbon neutral plasterboard, Knauf Futurepanel. Knauf Drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a zero waste policy in its energy efficient factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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