Knauf Insulation’s tough domestic goddess

Knauf Insulation, the UK’s leading manufacturer of insulation material, has added a Domestic grade of floor insulation to the Polyfoam® Floorboard range. Created specifically for the housing sector, the new grade widens the range and offers designers a greater choice from which to select the ideal product for their project. Floor insulation that is “tough enough” for the job is vital if the floor is to be successful and, being made from high-performance extruded polystyrene (XPS), Polyfoam® Insulation certainly makes the grade.

Strength is an essential requirement for floor insulation and ‘getting it wrong’ can be a costly mistake. All materials compress under load and, just as ‘low-strength’ insulation materials will increase the risk of a floor failing, so ‘high-strength’ ones reduce it. But ‘strength’ is relative, ranging from low-strength expanded polystyrene (EPS) and polyisocyanurate (PUR/PIR) at the bottom of the scale to high-strength extruded polystyrene (XPS) at the top. The figures speak for themselves. The quoted compressive strength of standard polystyrene flooring sheet (EPS70) is just 70kPa – for extruded polystyrene it can be as high as 500kPa!

Polyfoam® Floorboard is ideal for insulating floors and is suitable for almost any type of floor construction. Manufactured from high-performance extruded polystyrene it has a high compressive strength, an impressive thermal conductivity and is both resistant to and unaffected by moisture.

The new Domestic grade complements the existing range perfectly and, by offering a greater choice, helps designers specify the optimum solution for their project. The Polyfoam® Floorboard range now consists of four grades specifically designed to suit the intended use of the finished floor. Domestic; (165kPa) for loadings encountered in house building, Standard; (200kPa) for light commercial loads, Extra; (350kPa) for heavy commercial and industrial loads and Super; (500kPa) for very high industrial loadings and cold stores. Each grade is available in a range of thicknesses that are appropriate for their potential applications.

Knauf Insulation’s Residential Business Development Team is on hand to offer advice to national and regional housebuilders, working closely with them to develop insulation solutions that meet all aspects of the Building Regulations. “Choosing the right floor insulation may seem a straightforward task but getting it wrong can be expensive!” said Neil Donald, the team’s director, adding, “Of the variety of insulation materials available, extruded polystyrene has to be the material-of-choice for floor insulation as it provides a thermal and structural solution. The new grade – Polyfoam® Floorboard Domestic – is aimed specifically at the housing sector and offers a solution that exactly matches the needs of the application.”

Knauf Insulation are supporting the range with an advertising campaign that underlines the importance of floor insulation being “tough enough” for the job. Free brochures and a series of product specific datasheets giving a wealth of information about both Polyfoam® Insulation and floor insulation are also available and make essential reading.

Further information about Knauf Insulation’s products can be found on their website at or by calling 01270 824024. Please quote PR 379 05.

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