Knauf Insulation’s Supadeck Solutions – KISS!

Prompted by the demand for insulated loft decking, Knauf Insulation has launched Polyfoam® Supadeck® Loftboard Insulation. Made from high-performance Polyfoam® extruded polystyrene (XPS), the new product means would-be ‘deckers’ now have a choice of solutions and the opportunity to use their own loft boards.

Loft insulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing heat loss from a building, coincidentally reducing energy bills and the amount of greenhouse gases created by burning fossil fuels. The Building Regulations set performance targets for thermal insulation and these have steadily increased, dramatically affecting the depth of loft insulation needed to meet them. Once-upon-a-time it was optional but now, to meet the Elemental U-value of 0.16 W/m2K required by the Building Regulations, it has to be nearly 300 mm thick!

The most cost-effective way to insulate a loft is with a blanket of glass mineral wool insulation laid at ceiling joist level. As most roofs have 100 mm deep ceiling joists, it’s usual to start with a 100 mm thick layer laid between them, followed by a second, thicker, layer placed above and across them. However, although this provides a regulation-matching level of thermal insulation performance, it does present a problem if the loft is needed for storage space. Compressing the insulation dramatically reduces its thermal performance and the usual alternative, to install cross joists to physically raise the decking above the second layer of insulation, is awkward, time-consuming and expensive. But, fortunately, there is a better way!

Polyfoam® Supadeck® Insulated Loftboard, a layer of high-performance Polyfoam® Insulation bonded to a layer of flooring grade chipboard, has proved a popular answer. The secret of the product’s success is its use of Polyfoam® Insulation as the second layer of insulation: its high compressive strength meaning that it can easily support the flooring surface without the need for cross joists so, problem solved!

This represents an ideal solution for those installing loft decking from scratch, but Knauf Insulation has received many requests from homeowners and builders wanting to top-up the level of insulation but either reuse their existing loft boards or supply their own. To meet this demand, the company has now launched Polyfoam® Supadeck® Loftboard Insulation – the insulation component itself – as a product in its own right.

Polyfoam® Supadeck® Loftboard Insulation is designed specifically for under-deck insulation in lofts. Each sheet is 1220 mm x 480 mm, which means it’ll easily fit through most loft hatches, and the total area of a pack of eight boards exactly matches that of the packs of DIY chipboard loft board that are widely available and popularly used. Each board is 52.5 mm thick to allow even further flexibility as either a single or double layer can be used according to the amount of insulation needed.

“This is very much a response to customer demand,” said John Gaunt, Knauf Insulation’s Market Manager for the residential sector. “The simplicity with which Polyfoam® Supadeck® Insulated Loftboard enables the insulation to be topped-up and a storage deck provided – in one, user-friendly, board – has made it very popular. Offering just the insulation component is a natural extension to the range and gives builders and homeowners greater flexibility and choice. Now they don’t have to buy the ‘bit’ they don’t need!”

For further information, please visit Knauf Insulation’s website at or call the enquiries hotline on 01270 824024 quoting PR 406 05.

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