Knauf Insulation’s SAP Calculation Service

Knauf Insulation is able to offer a comprehensive SAP calculation service via its well-established Technical Advisory Centre (TAC), to help specifiers comply with legislation, particularly in relation to Part L of the Building Regulations and Section 6 of Scotland’s Building Standards revisions.


The invaluable service offered by Knauf Insulation takes responsibility for providing SAP calculations against all construction drawings and designs, and offers peace of mind to specifiers, contractors and developers for compliance with the Building Regulations.


Knauf Insulation's accredited SAP assessors will help calculate the planned energy usage of a building and where specification does not meet regulatory requirements, the experts are able to provide assistance and recommendations to help reduce carbon emissions and meet the regulations.


Paul Burrows Technical Advisory Centre (TAC) Coordination Manager at Knauf Insulation comments: “With tightening legislative requirements, specifiers are under increasing pressure to comply at every stage of a building process to move towards the zero carbon target.  We feel the SAP calculation service and regulatory advice that we are able to offer is an important and necessary requirement in helping to provide them with the confidence that the design and products specified are fit for purpose and that deliver a solution that complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations.  Moreover, Knauf Insulation is able to identify areas where performance can be improved or cost savings can be made where more expensive solutions are not adding value.


“Knauf Insulation understands the importance of working closely with its customers in providing technical excellence for any project, and it is this collaborative partnership that will ultimately result in design efficiencies and cost savings in line with best value principles, benefiting all involved.”


Knauf Insulation is the UK’s leading manufacturer of insulation products, and the only producer of four types of insulation, which puts the company in a unique position to offer unbiased, sound advice on all areas of product application across a range of insulation solutions – and it is this extensive knowledge which can be used to help improve SAP ratings and reduce carbon emissions.


Specifiers and developers can simply access the SAP service via the Knauf Insulation website:  


Knauf Insulation also provides a range of additional calculation services, which include thermal modelling to ensure critical junction control for thermal and air leakage resistance. For further details please visit alternatively, please contact the TAC on 01744 766 666 or by email

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