Knauf Insulation’s guide to compliance

Knauf Insulation has published four ‘Part L Compliance Guides’ to help the industry prepare for the introduction of the new version of the Building Regulation’s Approved Document L that comes into force on April 6, 2006. Each of the ‘mini-manuals’ focuses on a specific part of the new regulation and gives practical advice about how to comply with it. The guides are being published before the current draft regulation becomes ‘final’ in response to concerns within the industry about both its effect on building design and compliance with it.

The manuals follow a common format and provide stand-alone guides to the four individual parts – L1A, L1B, L2A and L2B – of the 2006 version of Approved Document L, The Conservation of Fuel and Power. Each starts by clearly mapping the relevant ‘road to compliance’, explaining what’s necessary and providing any generic data required – for example: the Limiting Elemental U-values specified in Part L1A. These theories are then brought to life with a series of detailed, practical case studies that demonstrate a ‘real life’ application of the process and also show how the required Elemental U-values can be achieved using ‘familiar’ constructions and dimensions. The manuals also contain a useful glossary of terminology along with a summary of the design and advice services that Knauf Insulation can offer the industry: the Architectural Calculation Suite, CPD seminars and training programmes, the Technical Advisory Centre and ‘sector-specific’ sales teams.

The new version of Approved Document L introduces a number of significant changes in the way the Building Regulations expect the industry to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency within buildings. Insulation plays a ‘starring role’ in the process and Knauf Insulation’s advice has always been “Don’t be fazed!”. The company’s recent multimillion-pound investment programme in cutting-edge technology has led to the introduction of new products and the enhancement of existing ones, ensuring that the impact on construction methods is minimized.

“Clearly, the industry needs to understand the effects of the new regulations before they come into force in April!” said Stephen Wise, Knauf Insulation’s Market Development Manager. “Although there may be one or two changes, we’ve decided to take a lead in the education process by offering practical advice sooner rather than later. We hope the manuals will provide a great foundation on which designers can build their own understanding and, at the same time, put to rest those fears about the impact of the new regulations on building methods.”

For your free copy of the ‘Part L Compliance Guides’, please visit Knauf Insulation’s website at or call their enquiries hotline on 08700 668 660 quoting GR 516 05.

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