Knauf Insulation's Enhanced Polyfoam® Range

Knauf Insulation launches its new product additions for roofing and flooring applications within its extruded polystyrene insulation - Polyfoam range.  The extended portfolio has been developed to meet the needs of tightening thermal Building Regulations, as well as reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of each product, in line with the company’s commitment to greener practices.


The new products are manufactured in the UK and achieve a GWP of less than five and an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero.  Free from CFCs, HCFCs and any other material with ODP in its manufacture and content, the Polyfoam range is also 100 per cent recyclable.


The new products, Polyfoam ECO and Polyfoam ECO PLUS, have been introduced to the Roofboard and Floorboard range, all of which have first-rate thermal performance, as well as being lightweight and easy to handle and install.  The enhanced thermal performance of the Polyfoam ECO PLUS roofing product in particular, allows for the specification of thinner roofing solutions, reducing the amount of deliveries to location and therefore CO2 emissions, as well as creating cost efficiencies in terms of less handling on site.

The rigid board insulation has excellent structural strength and long term effectiveness, whilst being less prone to site damage than other plastic foam insulation boards.  The new products are almost 100 per cent closed cell resulting in a strong, and highly moisture resistant, easy to cut and shape board.  In addition, the thermal performance is unaffected by site conditions such as wide fluctuations in outside temperatures and repeated freeze thaw cycles, making Polyfoam products the ideal solution for green roof applications.  

Maria Morgan Market Manager non residential Knauf Insulation said: “Knauf Insulation is continually researching innovations to enhance the environmental performance of its product range.  With sustainability a key market driver for construction projects, the new Polyfoam range offers a cost effective, alternative extruded polystyrene product, with a GWP of less than five and a wide market appeal – for new build and refurbishment in both roofing and floor applications.”


Signalling the introduction of the latest products, Knauf Insulation has also devised a Polyfoam Solutions Brochure to help the specification process and have developed a new packaging concept that clearly defines the enhancements, helping to reposition the Polyfoam range within the marketplace. 


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