Knauf Insulation provides comprehensive sector guides

Knauf Insulation has published the Health Sector Guide, the first in a series of comprehensive design manuals that provide a compendium of information about the use of insulation in specific types of building. The guides explain the insulation requirements and design considerations that apply within a particular building ‘sector’ and recommend the appropriate solutions to meet them. Three similarly themed guides covering education, commercial and industrial premises are to follow.

The new Sector Guide series complements Knauf Insulation’s existing range of ‘solution-based’ literature perfectly. Whereas the current range gives solutions on a construction-element basis, the new guides bring together and summarize everything a designer needs to know about insulation within a specific type of building.

Designed to provide key information and an immediate, practical understanding and working knowledge of the subject, the guides are divided into sections covering thermal, acoustic, fire protection and HVAC insulation and examine them from two perspectives. The first – ‘design requirements’ – looks at the relevant Building Regulations, legislation, standards and thinking that influence the use of insulation within the type of building being reviewed. The second – ‘design solutions’ – introduces the appropriate insulation solutions that can be considered and explains how their use meets the expected design requirements. The heavily illustrated guides also contain case studies, a bibliography of publications and a list of additional reference material.

Created to give designers, building professionals and other members of the design team a focus on insulation as a subject, the guides make essential reading prior to ‘calling in the experts’ – Knauf Insulation, of course! – for more in-depth, project-specific advice and assistance with developing the specification and the inevitable calculations.

As the UK’s only manufacturer and supplier of three types of insulation material – glass and rock mineral wool and extruded polystyrene – Knauf Insulation is in a unique position from which to recommend the best solution for a given insulation application.

For a copy of the Health Sector Guide, please call the enquiries hotline on 08700 668 660 or visit Knauf Insulation’s website at quoting KR51405.

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