Knauf Insulation offers free Part E-asy tutorials

Knauf Insulation has launched the first in a series of online learning programmes. ‘An Introduction to Sound Insulation’ is designed to give an immediate, working knowledge of Approved Document E of the Building Regulations (Resistance to the Passage of Sound) in a format that allows people to learn at their own pace and convenience.

The use of insulation within the building industry is driven by what appears to be increasingly complex regulation with ‘Part E’ of the Building Regulations having gained a daunting reputation – the subject it covers is seen by many as being one step away from rocket science! Fortunately, a cornerstone of Knauf Insulation’s philosophy is to use its knowledge and expertise to demystify the world of insulation, providing its customers with simple, easy-to-understand solutions. The new ‘Klick-and-Learn’ online series is designed to offer users a convenient, user-friendly method of gaining a practical understanding as and when it suits them.

‘An Introduction to Sound Insulation’ is divided into four CPD Seminar-style modules giving a distillation of the subject within a logical framework. The first module sets the scene by providing the fundamentals: basic theories, airborne and impact sounds, flanking transmission, the purpose of insulation and how it works. The second then reviews Approved Document E of the Building Regulations, setting out its key requirements along with methods of complying with it. Modules three and four go on to examine a variety of construction solutions including both the generic Robust Details and the PPST Details (Potential to Pass Site Testing) designed to cover the ‘gaps’ in the RD programme.

Each of the four modules can be used on a stand-alone basis allowing users to dip in and out at their own convenience, a quiz at the end of each module offering a quick, personal, assessment of what they’ve learnt. The programme is presented using an easy-to-follow audio narration, animated drawings and text that mirrors the voice-over.

“The programme has its roots in the Part E roadshows we held,” said Stephen Wise, Knauf Insulation’s Market Development Manager. “The feedback we received was worrying as it highlighted a lack of understanding and a preconceived belief that the subject was way over most peoples’ heads. Hopefully the online tutorial will address this, giving insulation users confidence in both their ability to understand the subject and how the solutions we recommend comply with the regulations.”

Knauf Insulation’s Part E tutorial can be found in the Insulation Academy section of their website at

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