Knauf Insulation has developed the Knauf Insulation Internal Wall Insulation System, which simplifies the process of upgrading solid masonry walls whilst delivering high levels of thermal performance. The system is a highly cost effective method for achieving increased energy efficiency for any type of property.

The innovative glass mineral wool system for internal insulation has been designed for upgrading existing solid external walls quickly and easily, with minimum disruption to occupants. The system can accommodate wall imperfections, fixings for fittings such as radiators, and can be easily adapted around openings such as windows and doors.

The simplicity of the IWI system allows a competent builder to install and finish the system using a traditional plaster skim finish or dry lining techniques. No scaffolding is required and the system can be installed on a room-by-room basis, or as part of a whole house refurbishment plan.

The cost-effective system can upgrade a property to current Building Regulation thermal standards and beyond, consisting of composite thermally engineered studs and insulation slabs, which can be combined to provide greater thicknesses of thermal insulation than achievable by using a single thickness. By internally insulating a wall, the heating time for rooms is significantly reduced allowing comfort levels to be quickly reached.

The use of Knauf Insulation’s IWI system eliminates the thermal bridging issue associated with systems incorporating timber and metal studs, making it almost thirteen per cent more thermally efficient than traditional systems of the same thickness. In addition, the IWI system incorporates highly sustainable glass mineral wool insulation achieving a maximum A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification and a Euroclass A1 fire rating to BS EN 13501: Part 1.

“The new system has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective and easy means of providing IWI. The simplicity and ease of Knauf Insulation’s IWI system requires no specialist skills or equipment, whilst the external appearance of the building is maintained so the system can also be installed in conservation areas,” comments David Khan Technical Product Manager at Knauf Insulation.

The Knauf Insulation IWI system comprises EcoStuds - extruded polystyrene laminated to Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which are mechanically fixed to the internal wall. 75mm thick Earthwool EcoBatt water repellent, high performance, glass mineral wool slabs are friction fitted between the EcoStuds and faced with a vapour check plasterboard sheet. Earthwool EcoBatts fully fill the insulation zone and are in intimate contact with the EcoStuds and plasterboard, thereby preventing any air or draught movement through the system.

Cold bridging and surface condensation is then minimised by fitting 27mm of Polyfoam Linerboard, a laminate of 17.5mm extruded polystyrene and 9.5mm plasterboard around all window and door reveals. Polyfoam Linerboard (27mm) is also installed at all party wall junctions to a minimum width of 400mm and the full height of the rooms, in order to prevent heat loss and the potential for condensation and mould growth in internal corners.

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