Easy Sand jointing products from Knauf Drywall – the most usable joint cements on the UK market – are the ideal complement to Knauf Drywall’s range of tapered edge plasterboards. Specially developed to ensure a perfect joint, the popular Knauf Easy Sand products are easy to finish with effortless sanding.

Knauf Easy Sand products are air-drying compounds suitable for bedding tapes, filling joints and finishing – as well as covering the heads of screws fixing the boards to centreline studs. Developed in the United States and providing the speed and ease of use – and the high-quality finish – that top UK contractors demand, these products can also be used as finishing coats over gypsum-based chemical-setting fillers. They are suitable for hand or machine application.

There are two Knauf Easy Sand products, both offering excellent coverage: Knauf Joint Cement Easy Sand is an easy to mix formulation, supplied in 20kg bags (covering 80m2), which provides an extremely smooth finish after minimal light sanding. It is supplied in part loads or 42 bags per pallet. Knauf Joint Cement Lite Easy Sand is ready to use, straight from the tub. It has the same high performance as the bagged product, and a significantly longer shelf life. It is easy to transport in convenient 12.7 litre tubs (covering 40m2). Part loads or 60 tubs per pallet are available.

After minimal sanding and sealing with Knauf Wallboard Primer, the Easy Sand jointed drywall provides a seamless surface, ready for painting.

Knauf Drywall Product Manager, Jointing Products, Stuart Hiscott says it is essential that all components in a drywall system have the same branding. “This is to ensure that the partitioning or lining always performs to specification,” he says. “Performance standards are based on the range of components supplied by the manufacturer, and standards cannot be guaranteed if components are substituted. The branded system includes steel studs, plasterboard, screws, edge and angle beads, jointing tapes and cements, and wallboard primer.”

Knauf Easy Sand products are designed for use with Knauf Wallboard, Knauf Futurepanel and high performance plasterboards Knauf Soundshield, Knauf Fireshield, Knauf Moistureshield and Knauf Denseshield, all of which are available with tapered edges.

Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, drywall accessories, metal sections and steel building systems, for domestic and commercial applications. Recently Knauf Drywall introduced the UK industry’s first carbon neutral plasterboard, Knauf Futurepanel. Knauf Drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a zero waste policy in its energy efficient factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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