Outdoor ceilings get the indoor look with new Aquapanel Exterior, the versatile cement-based building panel used with timber or steel framing to provide a fast track, all-weather cladding. An ideal substrate for render and other exterior finishes, Aquapanel Exterior from Knauf Drywall can be used in any exposed environment to conceal unsightly soffits and services – or simply to create a seamless ceiling. Aquapanel Exterior is installed in the same way as plasterboard, requiring no additional skills.

Aquapanel Exterior is an aggregated Portland Cement building panel with polymer coated glass fibre mesh embedded in both surfaces. Developed for use as a ceiling and wall panel, Aquapanel Exterior gives architects and builders a fast, quality alternative to traditional building materials.

Richard Lord, Aquapanel Exterior Specification Manager, says the new panel can be used for ceilings to exposed balconies, canopies or multi-storey car parks. “It is ideal for any building environment from residential to commercial and institutional,” he says. “It is particularly well suited for applications where an architect wants to create the effect of a ceiling ‘flowing through’ a glazed external wall. Because it is so strong, it easily resists wind tunnel effects in open buildings such as car parks. And when it’s installed, with joints and screwheads filled, Aquapanel Exterior can be left for up to six months before finishing.”

Aquapanel Exterior boards are 12.5mm thick, and are available in 900mm x 2,400mm and 900mm x 1,200mm sizes. The 16kg/m2 boards are simple to install – just 15 minutes per square metre, screwed to steel or timber. Joints are taped and filled, and the basecoat and reinforcing mesh are applied to the surface, before finishing as required. Boards can be cut to shape using the score and snap technique and there is no need for time consuming processing methods or special tools. With less working time required compared to other exterior systems, Aquapanel Exterior also reduces installation costs.

Aquapanel Exterior is resistant to water, so there is no swelling or loss of stability even when wet. It also resists weathering, mould and changes of temperature – the system has a proven freeze-thaw cycle, and is used throughout Europe from Norway to Greece. It has excellent impact resistance, and is safe and hygienic. Knauf Drywall has a full range of accessory products and finishes for Aquapanel Exterior.

Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, dry flooring, drywall accessories, and metal sections for domestic, commercial and public sector applications. Knauf Drywall pioneered carbon neutral plasterboard in the UK with Knauf Futurepanel. Knauf Drywall also actively promotes recycling from building sites and has a zero waste policy in its energy efficient factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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