Knauf Denseshield sheds weight and stays toughest

One of the toughest high performance plasterboards on the market, Knauf Denseshield has shed some weight. This makes it easier to work with – but it still provides the same impressive impact resistance that has made it the material of choice for busy areas such as corridors and stairwells. Knauf Drywall has reformulated and improved its mustard-faced Denseshield – reducing the weight of the 12.5mm product by 0.8kg/m2 and the 15mm board by 1.1kg/m2.

The new Knauf Denseshield is much easier to handle on site – and to fix. The new formulation makes the board easy to screw through, and the newly introduced, easy to recognise, zinc coated Denseshield screws make installation a pleasure.

Knauf Drywall Plasterboard Product Manager Emma Olsen says the new Knauf Denseshield is already proving popular with installers. “Boards are now between 2kg and 4kg lighter, depending on size and thickness, and this is a considerable help to drylining contractors,” she says.

Tapered edge Knauf Denseshield is an impact resistant high performance plasterboard, offering toughness, durability and excellent load carrying capacity. It is designed for use in partitions and linings in areas of heavy use, such as corridors, stairwells or school classrooms, which face a greater risk of impact damage.

Knauf Denseshield now weighs in at 10.8kg/m2 (12.5mm) and 12.8kg/m2 (15mm). In addition to its impact resistance, it offers the same fire performance as Knauf Fireshield and acoustic performance that is considerably better than standard Wallboard. Knauf Denseshield has a thermal conductivity figure of k= 0.24W/mK. It complies fully with BS EN520 and is categorised as Types A, D, F, I, R.

Knauf Denseshield is manufactured at both of Knauf Drywall’s UK plants and is available through merchants countrywide. It is made in 1,200mm widths and 2,400mm lengths (12.5mm) or 3,000mm lengths (12.5mm and 15mm). It is also available in Vapour Check grade. Further details on Knauf Denseshield can be found at

Knauf Drywall manufactures a full range of plasters, plasterboards, insulating laminates, drywall accessories, metal sections and steel building systems, for domestic and commercial applications, from factories at Sittingbourne in Kent and Immingham on Humberside.

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