Klober underlay for low pitch roofs

A problem facing designers and builders with roofs to building extensions is that existing windows or pipework may preclude the pitch needed for coverings such as plain tiles. Klober Permo® extreme RS SK2 enables profiled tiles to be laid at 12.5° and flat tiles and slates at 15°.

The underlay has been designed to offer extremely high tear resistance and has a monolithic, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) coating and double self-adhesive strips which provide a permanent seal at laps and immediate weatherproofing protection. Laid on 12mm ply board or OSB sarking board, the underlay is simple to position prior to the tape backings being peeled off for the laps to be pressed into place.

Before counter-battening Klober Butylon Tape is used beneath battens to seal around any nail penetrations.

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