Klober Roll-Fix® makes dry fixing simple

The absence of a British Standard and lack of effective building control in the RMI sector has encouraged use of cheaper dry fix kits for ridge, hip and verge. These may not contain all of the essential components and use ridge rolls with a backing of insufficient quality to provide effective long-term waterproofing.

The Klober Roll-Fix® kit not only supplies everything to fix 5 metres of ridge or hip (including hip trays and cro clips in the hip kit) but uses universal ridge seals for half round / angle ridges and third round / uni-angle hips. The Roll-Fix Butylon backing also provides a lasting bond on almost any surface and provides immediate waterproofing. 

Roll-Fix can be used with any tile or slate, having been tested extensively to ensure it is universally compatible. As a result, merchants and roofers will find it is both practical to stock and easy to fit.  


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