Kingspan’s Holywell factory has become a zero waste to landfill site

As the largest panel factory in the world, Kingspan Insulated Panels is delighted to announce that its Holywell factory in North Wales has just become a zero waste to landfill site.

(Insert name and title) of Kingspan Insulated Panels said “The process of getting to the zero waste to landfill position has taken a lot of hard work from everybody employed at the Holywell site, and the work will not stop there.”

“As much waste as possible from the Holywell site is currently recycled, and the remainder is turned into refuse derived fuel (RDF).  The amount of waste recycled is carefully monitored and we are working to make sure that we segregate the different waste streams as efficiently and thoroughly as possible.”

The scheme is being developed further with plans to improve the systems and reduce costs.  For example: maximising the skip weight; implementing a new online record system to track and show compliance; using a large Horizontal RDF Waste baler, which has the ability to save around £600 per month.  Kingspan is currently working with an MRF (Materials Recovery Facility), looking at a transfer station recycling rate of 87%, with the 13% balance of the waste going to RDF.  The planned construction of more local RDF facilities will also help to reduce transport costs and waste associated mileage.

Disposal routes for composite panel recycling have been in place at Kingspan for a number of years, and the facility used in Liverpool for shredding the panels is installing an RDF facility at the rear of the plant.  This will take all insulation core waste from the panels directly from the shredded material offering a 100% recycling rate for the composite panel waste more locally

Kingspan Insulated Panels aims to adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles by ensuring environmental, social and economic parameters are considered in an integrated way in product and service delivery.

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