Kingspan Heats up the Heat Pump Market

Kingspan Hot Water Systems Ltd, part of the Kingspan Renewables division, has launched a dedicated copper hot water cylinder for heat pump and solar input at Ecobuild 2010.

The Albion Aerocyl hot water cylinder is a purpose-designed, low maintenance and high quality cylinder that can be specified for use in conjunction with any heat pump as the sole source of energy or a solar thermal system with additional input from a heat pump. It provides fast and efficient mains pressure hot water around the home.

The unvented copper hot water cylinder is part of a portfolio of renewable energy solutions from Kingspan, which includes Aeromax Air Source Heat Pumps, Albion Aerocyl Buffer Tanks, high performance Thermomax vacuum tubes and quality flat plate solar collectors.

Albion Aerocyl Unvented Copper Hot Water Cylinders

These new purpose-designed unvented copper hot water storage cylinders work in conjunction with a heat pump only or a solar thermal system with additional input from a heat pump, to provide cost-effective mains pressure hot water.

The Heat Pump Only cylinder and Heat Pump and Solar Input cylinders feature purpose-designed coils, which allow maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water. With fast flow rates capable of delivering over 45 litres of hot water per minute, the cylinders provide powerful showers and fast-filling baths. Albion Aerocyl cylinders also have the added benefit of an electric immersion heater for backup.

Manufactured from high-grade copper, these low maintenance cylinders offer excellent corrosion resistance and also feature 50mm of environmentally friendly foam insulation to reduce standing heat loss values. Available in a range of capacities, they come with a 5-year guarantee on the inner container and all the fittings needed to complete the installation.

Albion Aerocyl Buffer Tanks

Albion Aerocyl Buffer Tanks are available in both vented and unvented format in a range of capacities from 50 to 150 litres. The buffer tank increases the volume of water a heat pump has to heat, allowing excess heat to be stored until it’s required and reducing the short cycling during normal operation of the heat pump. It also provides a thermal store to aid defrost of the heat pump and it prevents the radiators or underfloor heating from getting colder during the heat pump defrost cycles.

Aeromax Air Source Heat Pumps

Aeromax heat pumps can supply up to 100 per cent of Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water to UK homes all-year-round. Specifically designed for Northern European climates these highly efficient air source heat pumps can extract heat from temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade and provide Domestic Hot Water at 65 degrees centigrade. Compact and virtually maintenance free, they are also easy to install. Aeromax Air Source Heat Pumps are available in three outputs (4.5kW. 9.0kW and 12.0kW) to suit individual requirements.

Aeromax Air Source Heat Pumps are optimally matched with an Albion Aerocyl unvented copper hot water cylinders. Together this package ensures maximum system efficiency. Fast flow rates and improved heat transfer times result in a reliable, affordable and environmentally sound water heating system.

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