Kings Cross Square

In a hostile environment, surrounded by hard paving, beside one of the busiest roads in London, trees have been successfully planted and provided with enough space above and below ground to enable the trees to grow.

Working closely with the Bradley-Hole Schoenaich Landscape Architects (BHSLA), Architect, Stanton Williams and Landscape contractor, Willerby Landscapes, using innovative methodologies, a number of trees are now establishing permanent presence in London’s latest public open space.

GreenBlue Urban understand this is the first time that permission has been granted for trees to be planted over underground tunnels.  Using GreenBlue Urban ReRoot 2000 series root barrier as a permanent blockage to root ingress, and GreenBlue Urban StrataCell filled with good soil, this supports the fine London Plane trees (Platanus x hispanica) to reach their species potential, providing for future generations who will live, work and play in London.

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