Kids Blossom in the FloraKids bathroom
Laufen launches FloraKids range, a bathroom tailor-made for children

Playgroup and domestic pre-school bathrooms don’t have to be boring, institutional places for children. Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen has gone back to its childhood with designer Andreas Dimitriadis to lovingly create FloraKids, a bathroom for children that is fun, safe and happy-making. By literally going down on their knees to discover what an average bathroom must look like to a child, they discovered an intimidating adult-only zone, where the basins are out of reach and the toilet is an edifice of terrifying proportions.

FloraKids makes the bathroom a fun place to be, where using the toilet is easy and washing hands is a game. The FloraKids basin lies at the heart of the concept, with its beautifully simple flower shape. Its four rounded corners provide ample space for four children to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Basins can be wall-mounted at a variety of heights to suit all ages, and can be fitted with matching brightly coloured cloud-shaped shelves for beakers and toothbrushes.

Learning to use the toilet is a big developmental stage for all children, so Laufen has deliberately created the most attractive, comfortable WC possible. At 35cm sitting height, the wall-mounted pan is easily accessible even for the smallest child, and features a smooth, rounded shape. The ergonomically designed seat appeals to children of all ages, featuring a subtle back support and a small inside diameter to make potty-training a doddle – there’s no need to worry about falling in here! Flexible built-in ‘ears’ on the sides of the seat give children something extra to hold on to, making them feel super-safe and comfortable. At the front on the inside of the seat a raised area reduces splashing, and all seats are made from easy-to-clean Duraplast.

To make an attractive and bold style statement in the bathroom, there are two mirror designs, a large flower and a segmented caterpillar. The caterpillar can be fitted so that the mirrors are arranged at varying heights, making them suitable for children of all heights, and creating a quirky, recognisable caterpillar shape on the wall.

With its bold colours, fun shapes and ergonomic design, FloraKids is the ideal solution for anyone wishing to create a bathroom that’s fun and easy for children of all ages to use.

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