Kevothermal Ltd Now Offering UK’s First RIBA Accredited CPD on Vacuum Insulation

Kevothermal Ltd is pleased to be able to offer the UK’s first RIBA accredited Vacuum Insulation Panel CPD product seminar. This seminar is focussed upon the growing use of Vacuum Insulation Panels within the UK construction sector

As part of our service to architects and specifiers, Kevothermal Ltd runs this RIBA accredited seminar which comprises approximately 45 minute presentation plus a 15 minute question and answer session.

The session will focus on the following key areas -

What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP?)
Comparison against traditional insulations
Factors affecting Vacuum Insulation Panel performance
Construction applications
Pro’s and Con’s of VIPs in construction

Kevothermal Ltd offers these seminars across the whole of the UK.

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