Building on Keston Boilers’ 14-year pedigree in condensing technology and the unprecedented success of its entry into the combi market last year, the company has just announced its official launch into solar heating. This marks yet another major business cultivation opportunity.

Keston has developed the ‘Keston solar pack’ as well as individual solar components, including a Keston selective surface absorber panel, Keston Spa Twin double coil tanks and all associated equipment, to provide customers with precisely what they need to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the emerging solar thermal market.

The Keston solar pack, scheduled to make its debut across builders’ and plumbers’ merchants this summer, comprises a Keston Spa Twin double coil tank, virtually any Keston boiler model and a high quality, Keston selective surface absorber solar panel of the finest grade. With an absorption level of 95 per cent, heat endurance to 232 degrees Celsius and silicon weatherproofing, the Keston solar system ensures maximum performance and consistent communication with the solar panel, ensuring energy is used efficiently and intelligently.

The kit is available for domestic applications, in conjunction with a 200 Litre twin coil tank, and commercial applications, connected to a 300 Litre unit.

This move into an emerging market is an inevitable expansion for Keston, which has a reputation for being innovative and visionary.

Nick Stevenson, managing director of Keston Boilers, said: “I am confident that, much like condensing seemed somewhat avante garde a decade ago, solar heating is the next growth area and is available right now. I anticipate further regulatory push towards solar in the near future, due to a need for an auxiliary heat source, which is why we’re investing right now.”

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