The trendy HA! HA! chain, a well-known brand of bars and restaurants throughout the UK, has specified Keston Boilers to satisfy it’s heating requirements in three sites; Oxford, Plymouth and Victoria.

Keston’s bespoke boiler rigs were created specifically for each site, and made to measure for each individual requirement. Plymouth, Oxford and Victoria were fitted with these high efficiency systems that now supply a consistent flow of hot water and provide state-of-the-art control. The major requirements of the project were to deliver a total heating and hot water solution, providing a twin boiler rig so heating and DHW would be maintained at all times, even if one of the boilers failed. The boiler rig had to be sent over prefabricated to avoid site delays and to enable the bars to open as soon as possible.

The series of installations consists of two of Keston’s C55 boilers supplied as single units at the Plymouth site, as well as three C55 rigs and a Spa 300 at the Oxford and Victoria locations. The ‘plug and play’ installation fixings were well suited for each location’s limited space and specific heating requirements.

Peter Gee, of GB Heating, is not a first time user of Keston. He said: “It’s a joy to work with Keston’s products. Their flexible fitting options and high efficiency units make installations light work and I am very pleased with the professional service.”

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